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People Committed to Quality Jarp hydraulic cylinders and swivels are designed and manufactured for optimum performance and durability by quality oriented craftsmen that produce each swivel and cylinder with pride. Jarp craftsmen are highly trained, experienced professionals that ensure a quality product from the CAD stage, all the way to the shipping department. Jarp employees enhance the quality and craftsmanship of each product by using the latest manufacturing technology and equipment. Each cylinder and swivel is designed with unique features and details; features that add up to longer life, reliable performance and potential savings to your customer.
People Committed to Quality Jarp's quality engineering and precision machining capability is easily recognized in each cylinder and swivel. CNC machining equipment gives each component computerized precision with exacting tolerances. Precision equipment, like Jarp's sub-arc welding machine, insures that cylinder components, such as base plates and flanges, are properly aligned and attached with consistent, sturdy, even welds. Prior to final assembly, every cylinder tube is skived or honed and polished after welding to eliminate distortion of the cylinder tube, and all parts are thoroughly cleaned to keep contaminants out. Finally, a three-stage wash and an electrostatic painting system gives each Jarp product an even, durable coat of primer before leaving the plant.

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