Industry: Oil & Gas
Giant Crane
Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions Built to Last

Equipped with ABS, DNV, and BV certifications, JARP is an expert at custom hydraulic cylinders solutions for the demanding and fluctuating oil and gas industry. We design high pressure cylinders ranging from large bore to telescopic with long-lasting durability that eliminate field failures and keep your products — and people — safe.

Giant Crane

Our fluid power and hydraulic cylinder solutions are built to last in the high-cycle, extreme environments and applications needed for well completion equipment.

High-cycle cylinder applications include: Hydraulic well completion equipment, Well drilling equipment

Land Based

JARP designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinder solutions for the land based oil and gas industry that can be relied on even in the harshest environments and applications.

Land Based cylinder applications include: Direct push drilling rigs, Mast and substructure raising, Walking/skidding systems for land-based rigs


When JARP manufacturers cylinders for offshore applications, we take subsea, splash-zone, and marine environments into consideration and leverage coating and material science to develop durable, safe and corrosion resistant hydraulic cylinders.

Offshore cylinder applications include: Bulk loading and handling systems, Launch and recovery systems, Mooring systems for off-shore fixed and floating platforms, Tensioning systems, Thruster and steering cylinders

Pipe Handling

JARP provides efficient and dependable hydraulic cylinder solutions needed for pipe handling applications.

Pipe Handling cylinder applications include: BOP handling devices, Drilling rigs, Drill floor tools, Pipeline, Pipe handling equipment

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Case Study: JARP Remanufacturing Upgrade Oil & Gas

For a recent project JARP was able provide a leader in the oil & gas industry with quality remanufacturing cylinder solutions with a significant cost savings. JARP successfully remanufactured their cylinders in half the time while exceeding the quality of the OEM design.

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